Business model



React Risk Advisory is a consulting firm that works with companies and authorities to prevent and manage security risks, threats and crises. We cover the entire chain from information gathering of information and assessment to implementation and follow-up of decided measures. Our services also include assessment and management of negative events and incidents.

The purpose is to protect business processes, assets, life, and health. Our role is strategic and advisory, as well as operational during crises.

Our employees are experienced problem solvers with backgrounds from both academia and traditional security. This gives us a unique ability to create tailor-made complete solutions with high integrity and efficiency, in line with our client’s business strategies.

We have our main operation in Sweden, but through our unique experience from complex environments and delivered assignments in over 70 countries, we offer our customers help where they are active. We also have experience of helping different types of businesses to handle problems and develop their management of crises, security risks and threats. Especially real estate companies, authorities, healthcare operations and companies in the manufacturing industry.

Our recipe for success

What makes us unique is our basic view. We seek the core of problems and have a long-term approach. Our goal is to transform complex problems into concrete solutions.

Our business lies in finding the right solution for our customers. With products and services adapted to our customers' needs, we develop measures that are sustainable and effective over time. Each solution must be reasonable and set against risk and cost.

In this way, we enable long-term growth for our customers.

Our vision

Our goal is for our clients to operate with full insight into the most important security risks.

Through a strong focus on assessment and analysis, we recommend the right solutions for our customers. We use well-proven methods that ensure high quality and overall provide a lower cost with a real value in risk management.

We are driven by directly contributing to a safer and more secure world by creating resilient businesses.